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When you value accurate rainfall measurements.  You need a precipitation sensor manufactured in the UK by EML.



Robust, quality Wind Sensors also manufactured in the UK by EML.



Naturally aspirated sensor shields for accurate temperature and humidity measurements.


About Us

A little bit of history and information about our company.


Environmental Measurements Ltd (EML) was established in 1985 and have over 25 years of experience in the Hydro-Met market. During this time the company has designed, developed and manufactured an increasingly wide range of instrumentation for meteorological and environmental monitoring including wind speed and wind direction sensors, aerodynamic raingauges, precipitation sensots, temperature humidity probes, radiation sensor shields (small naturally aspirated stevenson screens), barometric pressure sensors, surface wetness probes, data loggers and automatic weather stations. In addition the company is also a distributor and systems integrator for a wide variety of other weather products focusing on high accuracy and cost efficiency.

SBS Rain gauge      ARG100 Rain gauge - Open     SW120R - Rain Detector     WSS2 - Wind speed and direction sensor

The company’s flagship product is the ARG100 raingauge which typically captures over 5% more rainfall than most traditionally-shaped cylindrical gauges due to its unique aerodynamic shape and reduced evaporation-loss properties. It is estimated there are well over 10,000 units installed throughout the world.

EML is extremely active overseas with flourishing markets in countries such as Sweden, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Norway and Poland plus emerging markets in Russia, China, India and the Far East. The company also regularly takes part in overseas exhibitions and in recent years has participated in Meteorex in St Petersburg, EnviroAsia in Singapore and Meteohydex in Geneva.

The ability to offer products and solutions for a variety of meteorological and environmental situations means that the company has an extremely wide customer base including but not limited to agricultural and horticultural institutes, weather centres, municipal environmental health departments, forestry commissions, water companies, universities, harbour boards, nuclear facilities and oil and petrochemical plants.

The production programme is backed by a small but dynamic team that provides a high level of commercial and technical expertise combined with prompt and reliable pre-contract advice and excellent after-sales service.




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