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When you value accurate rainfall measurements.  You need a precipitation sensor manufactured in the UK by EML.



Robust, quality Wind Sensors also manufactured in the UK by EML.



Naturally aspirated sensor shields for accurate temperature and humidity measurements.


EML Services

EML Services including site surveys, instrument installations and equipment maintenance

EML can carry out a variety of services for the Hydro-Met market.  Our small friendly team has over ten years experience in the field.  We have experience using EML, Vaisala, Campbell Scientific and YSI-Hydrodata equipment to name but a few.  We can integrate and problem solve a number of different monitoring issues.  Please contact 'sales' for further information.

Here are a couple of example of our portfolio of work...

Site Surveys

EML can carry out a variety of site surveys for Hydro-Met applications.


EML can carry out a large range of Hydro-Met installations from simply sensor sites to complex communication and logging systems.  We have installed equipment for large power stations, chemical plants, Universities and local councils.  Contact us with your requirements and we will try and find you a solution. 

HydroMet3                    HydroMet4


From simply one off visits to annual contracts.  Contact us for more details.

Sellafield Met Mast1                    HydroMet3

We can carry out work on land or on water...  Let us know your problem!


River Tyne 1                    River Tyne 2




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