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When you value accurate rainfall measurements.  You need a precipitation sensor manufactured in the UK by EML.



Robust, quality Wind Sensors also manufactured in the UK by EML.



Naturally aspirated sensor shields for accurate temperature and humidity measurements.


Overseas Contacts

A list of EML overseas contacts...

Collection Canada
EML contacts in Canada
Collection China
EML contact in China
Collection Finland
EML contacts in Finland
Collection France
EML contacts in France
Collection Hong Kong and China
EML Contact in Hong Kong and China
Collection Hungary
EML Contact in Hungary
Collection Ireland
EML contact in Ireland
Collection Italy
EML contacts in Italy
Collection Malaysia
EML contacts in Malaysia
Collection Malaysia and South East Asia
EML Contact in Malaysia and South East Asia
Collection Netherlands
EML contacts in Netherlands
Collection Norway
EML contacts in Norway
Collection Poland
EML contact in Poland
Collection Russia
EML contact in Russia
Collection South America
EML contact in South America
Collection Sweden
EML contacts in Sweden
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