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When you value accurate rainfall measurements.  You need a precipitation sensor manufactured in the UK by EML.



Robust, quality Wind Sensors also manufactured in the UK by EML.



Naturally aspirated sensor shields for accurate temperature and humidity measurements.



Meteorology and Hydrology products manufactured (in the UK), supplied, installed and maintained by Environmental Measurements Limited (EML). We also are systems integrators for a wide variety of Hydro-Met products.

Precipitation Sensors

EML's range of precipitation sensors manufactured and/or supplied by us. Our unique range includes the world renowned aerodynamic rain gauges, the ARG100 and the SBS range. The design-shape of all EML manufactured precipitation sensors is absolutely unique and was scientifically developed under strict conditions at the Institute of Hydrology (now CEH). For more information on why this aerodynamic shape is so crucially important to the accuracy of your precipitation measurement please refer to our product datasheets.

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Wind Sensors

EML's range of wind speed (and direction) sensors are widely used in a variety of applications, from converntional meteorology to Buildings Management Systems (BMS) and everywhere in between. EML supply two types of wind speed and direction sensor, the conventional "Cup & Vane" type system and the Ultrasonic Anemometers. To find out more about these products and learn which of our range is most suitable for your application, please visit the next page.

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Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and Humidity related instrumentation manufactured and/or supplied by EML

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Barometric pressure sensors

A specially selected range of barometric pressure sensors from EML. Our hand-picked sensors cover a variety of costs and applications.

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Hydrology Sensors

We supply and maintain a range of water level and water quality sensors.

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Data Loggers

Data Loggers manufactured and/or suplied by EML. These loggers can be supplied alone or as part of a bespoke system. Please contact us for more details.

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Hydro-Met Systems

Off the shelf hydro-meteorological systems and bespoke systems. Please contact Sales for further information

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